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Rehearsal Space for Music, Toronto - Gear List

The following is a summary of our gear list:

Two Fender Bandmaster guitar amps with a single 12 inch speaker and cabinet each. These are vintage tube amps from the late sixties /early seventies, hand wired with tremolo and reverb channels. They have the classic sounds of that era, and are usable with effects pedals. They absolutely don't do Marshall style distortion by themselves.

Mesa Boogie Bass cabinets with two Electro Voice 15 inch speakers. SWR or Gallien and Kruger amplifiers, approximately 200 watts RMS. Also available: Fender 135 watt Bassman, Acoustic and Traynor heads.

Four Shure microphones (three SM58's. one SM57), five K and M mic stands, mic cables.

Six monitors (two sidefills, four floor monitors) . Each cabinet has a horn and a 15inch speaker, JBL's downstairs, EV's upstairs.

Fender Acoustasonic Jr. acoustic guitar amplifier.

Fender keyboard amp with three inputs, and a keyboard stand.

The downstairs room has a Premier Resonator drum kit with three tom-toms, Upstairs has a Yamaha Recording Custom kit with four tom-toms. Both kits have a snare, throne, kick pedal, high-hat with cymbals, three cymbal stands with a crash and a ride cymbal. I do ask that "heavy hitters" and the fussy bring their own cymbals, snare, pedals etc.

The downstairs has a Mackie 808S powered mixer with an additional power amp for the sidefills. Upstairs has a Mackie 1604VLZ mixer with two Audio Pro power amps. Both systems have digital reverb. Please note that these are vocal-only P.A.'s. I can provide a separate playback system for drum machines etc. on request.

Additional gear available by arrangement. All equipment is guaranteed to work. Spares are always on hand.

I do ask that food, drinks and cigarettes stay away from the main room areas. There are places in the building for those things. Rooms are heated and/or cooled to your comfort and kept as clean as possible.

Rates are $20 per hour including G.S.T. , negotiable on monthly bookings prepaid. Please call to discuss. One parking space is included in the price. Cancellation charges are based on the circumstance.

For bookings, feel free to call at (416) 595-0874.

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